More and more households are getting online solely through mobile devices

Another cord-cutting shift is taking place, and this time it’s displacing traditional broadband.

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How to Watch TV Online

“How to watch TV online when using a computer to build robust web TV system that saves money.”

Cut Cable TV… Ditch Dish TV… and build a web TV entertainment system to save cost without losing favorite TV programs. InternetTvDotCom introduces its FREE ebook, “The Ultimate Guide To Watching TV Online, Using What You Already Have.”

The guide takes individuals by the hand that are new to Internet TV or have some experience and reveals everything needed to setup a web TV entertainment system with ease.

Learn how to watch local TV stations without cable or satellite, where to go to watch popular streaming content such as live sports, news, movies, TV shows/sitcoms/soaps/episodes, and more.

Learn about Internet connection speed and what’s needed including security software for protection, how to streamline popular content providers and TV channels/networks to gain access in one place.

The comprehensive free guide provides everything needed to setup and watch Internet TV, which also shows how to save cost, compared to cable and satellite costs.

What’s Else Is Included in FREE Guide?


* Disclaimer and Legal Notices

* Preface

* Requirements

* Internet Connection Speed (What You Need)

* Computer Protection Against Virus & Malware

* Best Browser to Use

* Resources to Create Robust Web TV Entertainment System

* Indoor HDTV Antenna – Local TV Channels

* Streaming Content Providers and 3rd Party (Free/Pay-to-Use)

* Understanding 3rd Party Web TV Services

* Alternate to 3rd Party Web-based TV/Video Services

* Hypothetical Streaming Content Cost Breakdown

* How to Get Access to Blocked TV Shows/Websites

* How to Connect Computer to Small/Large Screen TV

* How to Remote Control Computer from Mobile Device (Free!)

* Streaming Media Device/Software For All Your VOD Needs

* Picture Quality

* Downsizing Cable/Satellite TV Without Losing What You Love

* Questions You May Have

* Summary

* Resources

The FREE ebook can be downloaded immediately when clicking the link below and signing up…


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PlayOn TV on PC Review

Exclusive PlayOn Review: Everything you want to know. Watch, cast, stream and record (DVR) favorite TV shows, movies, and videos online. Free download! 

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PlayOn is a new TV/VOD App that brings 100+ live and video-on-demand TV shows, movies, and videos to Windows desktop computers — in one convenient place. Has many streaming content providers such as Netflix, Hulu. Fox, Amazon Instant Video, Fx, Crackle, YouTube, ABC, and many more. Now PC users can watch, cast, stream and record (DVR) their favorite TV shows, movies, and videos and watch them on/offline.


Users can watch free and/or subscribe to watch all their favorites instantly. Works with many compatible devices such as mobile phones, streaming media devices, game consoles, and your TV. Watch everything on the big screen as well. 


PlayOn offers a free app download and allows users to upgrade to the Plus version for more features and flexibility.


To Learn More, Read Our PlayOn Review

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StreamDirect Pro Review

StreamDirect Pro Review: Web-Based TV/VOD without downloading software delivers 10,000+ TV/VOD global channels. Next best thing to cable without high cost. 

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StreamDirect Pro has launched and now open to all TV viewers around the world searching for a cheaper solution than cable, or faster solution to surfing the web to find favorite TV channels to watch online. The web-based VOD/Live TV software platform requires no software download. It delivers over 10,000 channels to watch favorite TV shows, movies, live sports, news, and other content. Dedicated live sports section brings all sports together in one place to watch whatever is broadcast for that day.


The entertaining software platform is compatible to all computers (Windows, Mac, Linux & Tablet) as well as smartphones. This is not just for English speaking countries and individuals. Over 100 countries include where one can watch entertaining TV channels from their homeland.

There’s a 7-day trial available as well that allows TV viewers to full access and watch their favorite TV channels and shows online instantly. The new service welcomes any feedback or suggestions to improve the service, and make channel requests that may not be available are acceptable.


To Learn More, Read Review


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New Comcast plan charges $30 more for the Internet you already get

Comcast is expanding its new billing plan that charges users for going over a certain amount of Internet data.

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Comcast set to charge cable customers $30 more (no cap) for Internet usage over 300 GB of data. Recent earnings reports show Cable cutters are not as high as previously thought. Comcast is giving cable cutters something to think about, if wanting to cut cable TV and keep the Internet… there’s a price you may have to pay. Comcast customers will be charged an additional $10 for every additional 50 GBs (over 300 GB) of data usage, or can choose to pay the additional $30 (optional) for no cap whatsoever.


What this boils down to is Comcast is losing money. They want to tell you what you can and cannot watch online, with their ISP service, when putting a cap on the amount of data usage you can use, whereas there shouldn’t be any cap in the first place. Where is Congress? 


If household members are connecting to the Internet and use more than 300 GB of data usage, which is likely to happen, then you will be affected by this increase. 

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