StreamDirect Pro Review

StreamDirect Pro Review: Web-Based TV/VOD without downloading software delivers 10,000+ TV/VOD global channels. Next best thing to cable without high cost. 

Sourced through Scoop.it from: internettvdotcom.com

StreamDirect Pro has launched and now open to all TV viewers around the world searching for a cheaper solution than cable, or faster solution to surfing the web to find favorite TV channels to watch online. The web-based VOD/Live TV software platform requires no software download. It delivers over 10,000 channels to watch favorite TV shows, movies, live sports, news, and other content. Dedicated live sports section brings all sports together in one place to watch whatever is broadcast for that day.


The entertaining software platform is compatible to all computers (Windows, Mac, Linux & Tablet) as well as smartphones. This is not just for English speaking countries and individuals. Over 100 countries include where one can watch entertaining TV channels from their homeland.

There’s a 7-day trial available as well that allows TV viewers to full access and watch their favorite TV channels and shows online instantly. The new service welcomes any feedback or suggestions to improve the service, and make channel requests that may not be available are acceptable.


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