Web-based streaming-TV-service newbies burst on the scene

With new Internet-based video-viewing alternatives springing up almost weekly, an estimated 1.5 million dissatisfied cable and satellite-TV subscribers this year will “cut the cord.” An additional 2.4 million will downgrade their service, according to a recent survey by Digitalsmiths.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.philly.com

New web-based TV/Video services now coming your way — targeting non-cable/satellite users, cable-cutters, and ditching-dish users. Since many TV viewers don’t watch nearly as many channels on cable and satellite these days, what’s the point of paying for all the other channels. This article tells about trending habits of TV viewers that makes web-base streaming services a more attractive choice, especially when it comes to big savings.


Here are two web-based TV/Video services with big cost savings that will enhance enough entertainment when using a computer, tablet, smartphone, or computer connected TV.





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