How to get TV through the internet – CNN.com

Blogger Jonathan Strickland cut ties with his cable company a year ago, yet he continues to watch all his favorite TV shows. He has saved nearly $700 over the last year and, most importantly, he tasted the thrill of telling his cable provider to shove it.

Source: www.cnn.com

It’s no secret many subscribers of cable TV were just as much fed up with the service five years ago as they are today. With customer service full of foreigners who you can’t understand when calling for support to rates going up and content you keep paying that you don’t want, leaves many subscribers today heading for the Internet to find any solution to say goodbye to cable and Time Warner. 


Internet TV may not be a complete content source to watch favorite television channels and shows online but it’s getting there and saves money in the long run. Though the picture quality may be somewhat lacking at times, many TV viewers rather take the hit to save costs. Some have gone as far as purchasing <a target="_blank" href="http://internettvdotcom.com/internettvsoftware">Internet TV Software and Non-Software Packages</a> that automatically sets up a potent web TV system via computer. Some even stream online TV content to their small/large screen TVs when connecting a computer with an Internet connection. 

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