How Satellite Direct Scam Can Be Resolved

Users of Satellite Direct TV Player Angry Over Lifetime Membership Cancellation Over the past couple of years, some complaints sprouted across the Internet regarding a Satellite Direct scam and that …

Source: internettvdotcom.blog.com

Satellite Direct Scam – Is It Real? Some say this technology and service is indeed a scam but when reading the article there is some information that may make you think this has more to do with a lack of communication and understanding Terms of Service.


Some former users complained over the past year about losing their lifetime membership, after some kind of device change. Some admitted to doing a device change that caused an automatic deactivation of the SD TV Player Software while others denied it. In either case, these formers users are holding the service accountable to the lifetime membership as promised or refund their money, which led them to posting the same kind of scam reports online over the past year.


Read the article that explains all the details and how individuals can avoid losing the lifetime membership, due to a device change where some don’t seem to understand.

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