How to get TV through the internet – CNN.com

Blogger Jonathan Strickland cut ties with his cable company a year ago, yet he continues to watch all his favorite TV shows. He has saved nearly $700 over the last year and, most importantly, he tasted the thrill of telling his cable provider to shove it.

Source: www.cnn.com

You either heard the negative stories or witnessed Cable television’s lousy customer service, bundled packages that force you to pay for content you don’t want to see (many channels available online for free). And if that wasn’t enough, forces you to pay increasingly high subscription fees, fees you can’t make sense out of, and the list goes on. 


So what are TV viewers doing today after saying no to Cable TV? Read the article to hear what one guy did when cutting the cord and heading online to watch his favorite channels and TV shows. No longer is he paying the high cost which translates to savings and he only pays for the content that interest him.

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