FCC Chairman Wheeler hints at shift in net neutrality rules

The nation’s top telecom regulator strongly hinted that he plans to propose more rigorous regulations on Internet service providers — setting up a potentially bitter clash with powerful cable television operators and others that offer Internet access.

Source: www.latimes.com

Mark your calendars… FCC set to vote Feb 26, 2015 on Net Neutrality which will include a shift to Title II (meaning major change in how FCC regulates broadband companies (ISP) that would extend the regulator’s power). Many oppose the FCC Net Neutrality regulation including major Internet service providers, President Obama and Republicans (House of Representatives) as well as millions of Internet users in the USA.


FCC chairman Tom Wheeler refers to the success of the wireless model that’s currently regulated under the same Title II rules but many feel the main issue is how to ensure consumers and innovators will continue to have open access to networks.


Read more and learn how this vote in February could dramatically change the Internet into an utility bill, which should be a right granted to Americans in our Constitution without usage charges and Internet regulations. 

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