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Are Satellite TV on PC Software and Movie Download Sites Legal?

Satellite TV on PC SoftwareOver the pass several years hundreds of Satellite TV on PC and movie download web sites have been appearing across the Web with no signs of them slowing down soon.

A few of these services developed software that delivers thousands of TV channels radio stations and videos to computers while some of the others are movie download sites. Both charge a small one-off fee or subscription fee for making everything convenient to consumers which also allows quick easy access to the content.

Question is… Are these 3rd party Satellite TV on PC software services using the Net as a free enterprise to deliver content considered legal?  Since they’re smart enough not to host any movies, TV shows, sports and other content on their websites, they appear legal from that standpoint.

Is linking to copyrighted material legal and should it be Everybody knows or at least should know that piracy is illegal. Uploading and downloading bootlegged TV episodes, movies, videos, music and other content over the Net is a crime nonetheless it continues to go on.

As for the latter this makes P2P Peer-to-Peer networks a bit risky to use. Owners are somewhat guarded by a portion of the law where they are not held accountable for what others do that is considered illegal. Google is quite mindful of this which has written clauses in their Terms of Services that protects them.

Smart Satellite TV on PC and movie download vendors today don’t include P2P in their packages for fear of them getting shut down when linking users to those sources. Many P2P owners have received a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) take down notice including lawsuits with heavy fines and/or imprisonment.

Though many of those 3rd party services have legal documentation posted on their websites such as Terms of Use and Privacy Policy the issue still relates to linking to content from other sources.

The live and on-demand channels and videos feeds are scraped from the Internet and put into a database to allow these services to update the content sent to the user.

Put simply, they use technology or manual labor or both to make the method fast and simple for users when linking to the content that can be observed from one location. But determining what is legal and illegal is tough to do sometimes.

As it stands now courts are now addressing this issue. Nothing has come into law as yet nevertheless it could occur at some point and time. The copyright law usually applies to someone who host the content themselves which has zilch to do with linking to content online. So the law will need to change in how we use the Internet.

Using 3rd party movie download and Satellite TV on PC software websites that come with a service charge and claiming they are perfectly legal when linking to content, not hosting content. However, this method may soon change if or when the government figures out what to do with non-hosted linking sites that deliver content to others.

As of now nearly everybody is linking to somebody else content including Google’s YouTube. However it goes further than that. What about downloading videos from a site that has hosted content Many people already link to those sites. So can we trust that all content is legal when people upload them online The answer is no.

If this law gets passed for illegal linking to content then millions and millions of people will end up facing a court action and possibly jail time. So where should the government draw the line Should they only go after the BIG fish not the small fish Meaning common people that use these sites to watch videos and TV shows.

What about linking to other content on the web from your site and giving reference to the source or person using unscrupulous tactics that didn’t know about that get you banned, incur heavy fines, shutdown notice or imprisonment. These are some of the things that can change the way we use the Web today while spreading FEAR everywhere over the web.

These services are conscious of current loopholes and if charged with a copyright violation they know this won’t hold up in court because they’re only linking to content. Sometimes people charged with copyright infringement don’t necessarily know they’re linking to illegal content which makes the crime a bit fuzzy. I suppose ignore of the law is no accuse. Right?

This explains why there are so many of these 3rd party Satellite TV on PC software services spreading across the Net. The government is permitting this for now because there is no law that says linking to another person content is illegal if it appears safe.

Linking to other sources and earning a profit from it has sent a major alarm to copyright holders which may become another fight for them.

At some point and time the Net will change because of content linking which exist a lot today. How much of a change is decided by the government. But until then it’s business as normal when linking to content over the Net.

If this becomes law it’ll probably mean regulating the Web to some degree How else can the law be upheld online. If the law allows copyright owners to have the last say for those linking to their content there will be chaos in the long run.

So until this becomes the law of the land, joining a Satellite TV for PC or movie download service that links to many sources online and doesn’t host any of the content but charges to download a TV player software seem to be overlooked for now. Ones decision is based on what that person thinks is moral or immoral.

Choosing not to try any of these Satellite TV on PC software services is clearly understandable. There are millions of consumers worldwide that have joined and are still using these services and products for their enjoyment I am one of them and have been a member for a while.



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