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Satellite Direct TV for Mac and PC Computers

Satellite Direct Mac and PCThere is an easy, quick, cheap way to get tons of live and on-demand TV shows, sports, movies and other free content to your computer. And this can be done without adding hardware or connecting cables. In fact, just a computer with a broadband or wireless connection will do. SatelliteDirect technology developed by ETV Corp makes it extremely convenient to watch favorite shows online.

Otherwise, you’ll have to continue doing things the hard way…

Do a search on any search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) for any TV show or channel you want to watch online. In many cases, you’ll quickly find the listing for what you are looking for. However, what if you wanted to find a different type of TV program. What then? Well, you’ll have to go back to the search engine and search again. Now why is that?

No one website carries all live/on-demand TV channels and shows for sports, news, movies, sitcoms, videos, music, radio, and so on. You’ll have to visit different websites to watch what you want which isn’t always that easy to find what you want. Many people add these websites to favorites on their computer or create/name folders to store the websites so that they can find their favorite shows/channels again to watch online.

How to Watch TV Online Thru Software

But what if there was a way you can avoid searching online and visiting each and every website to watch something? Well, now this is possible through a top Satellite TV software called SatelliteDirect. Download the software to a desktop and it creates an extra TV instantly. Download it to a laptop and it creates a ‘TV Anywhere’ system so that you can watch everything from any location in or out of the home.

Watch this video for a quick overview…

This technology adds another dimension to traditional TV where you are not confined to any given area or TV-set. Just boot up the computer and watch a movie, sporting event or TV show wherever you are in the world. All 3,500+ channels and radio stations can be accessed and delivered from any part of the world. There are over 90 countries and something for everyone to watch online.

The SatelliteDirect TV player software is the go between you and the web where free media content is delivered instantly without doing any work. Simply download and install the sofware, then sit back and enjoy watching a program.

ETV Corp gives consumers two versions:

  1. SatelliteDirect Regular Version (small one-time with lifetime membership)
  2. SatelliteDirect Advanced Version (small fee for 5-day trial that rebills to monthly subscription)

The regular version came out first and along with the 3,500 channels, there’s a dedicated sports section that any sports fan will love. There are plenty of movies, TV shows and other free content to watch online. However, some countries have more to offer than other countries.

If you are bilingual or multilingual who can speak and understand England also, then you stand to benefit more. That’s because overall there are more English speaking channels available from countries like US, Canada, Australia, UK and other countries.

Each version comes with a service package that includes on-going support, automatic channel and software updates. That means the software will never become outdated or losses its luster. New channels and entertainment is always added when available online.

If searching for the next best thing to paid television that’s cost-effective, quick and easy, then this technology should not be over looked. Here’s a good SatelliteDirect Review by a real user/tester that breaks everything down further and provides pros and cons.

SatelliteDirect TV on PC and Mac


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