Satellite TV Software for PC and Mac Computers

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The Internet became the go to source for many TV viewers who couldn’t afford the high cost of satellite or cable and wanted to watch favorite TV programs cost-free or at low-cost.

Philip Sumpter‘s insight:

Ever heard of Satellite TV Software? One clue is that it’s not part of any Satellite TV service where there’s a monthly fee, unless opting for it. The other clue is that it’s not illegal to use. For Windows and Mac OS X users, this technology will help create a super web TV system instantly, without installing hardware or wires. Only an Internet broadband connection is needed or wireless (wifi).


Once the software is downloaded, the user can get access to 1000s of live/on-demand free channels and other content from around the world. Watch TV shows, movies, video, sports and news from over 100 countries or listen to music and radio stations.


Perhaps the biggest advantage is installing the Satellite TV software on any laptop and watching favorite television programs from any location when on the move.

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